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It all started back in 1993 with the opening of the first restaurant "Mirko 919" in Skopje. The success of this restaurant paved the way for new projects. In 2008, we opened the club restaurant "Ragusa", which was followed by an expansion in the hotel industry with the boutique hotel "Villa Ragusa". In 2015, "Kinder Park" started operating as the largest playhouse in Skopje and a place for new children's smiles. The following year, we marked the beginning of the "Park" restaurant, located in the heart of the city, i.e. in the Skopje City Park, as a new and different wedding story. In 2019, we set new standards in the organization of celebrations by opening "Ragusa 360 Rooftop", the first rooftop restaurant for events in Macedonia. Our newest catering project is the complete renovation of "Ragusa 919" with a new style and modern look.

"Ragusa Group"is the result of the process of creating a new brand identity as the crown of all our successes so far. Driven by the ambition for new business ventures, we also marked the beginning of two new construction projects: "Ragusa Home" and the building materials warehouse "Mamut".

"Ragusa" is more than a company for us. "Ragusa" is a family tradition we are managing with a lot of passion and commitment. Inspired by our values deeply embedded in every segment of the operation, we will continue to deliver top quality. We will continue to build the "Ragusa" brand on the foundations of tradition while at the same time, accepting new ideas and innovations. Following the latest global trends in catering, we will create a vision of how your events and celebrations shall look like in the future.

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Our group name dates back in the roots of our family. Ragusa is the old name of the City of Dubrovnik in Croatia, where the first caterer in this family business originates from.


Guided by our 30-year tradition and experience, we create a new vision for the catering industry in Macedonia.