Оrganization and Мanagement during the COVID crisis

Times are changing, and life changes during a pandemic. However, the tradition and people's desire to celebrate the most important moments of life remain, says the Ragusa Group. They emphasize that the interest in weddings, celebrations, and events for the 2021 season is increasing.

The Corona crisis has hit us caterers, but so far, we have managed to keep our employees, and we are proud of that. Most of the Ragusa employees have been part of the Ragusa family for more than 20 years. We believe that the desire for weddings, celebrations, and events is great. Therefore, when the protocols are adopted by the authorities in the spring, we will start active work again. This is proven by the fact that the interest in scheduling weddings and celebrations is increasing," said Gotse Golomeić, owner of the Ragusa Group.

This year, the Ragusa Group celebrates its 28th anniversary and aims to bring people's celebrations back as an essential part of their lives.

"Ragusa is more than a company for us; we have a family tradition in this business. This year is important for us because we are celebrating 28 years of existence. In 2021, we continue with dedicated work in improving all segments of the operation, as well as introducing a large number of novelties in all restaurants. The spaciousness of our restaurants, as well as the possibility of getting married under the open sky, will allow guests to feel safe in the coming season. I would like to express my gratitude to all clients and collaborators who have given us their trust so far, and we expect to cooperate in the near future," says Perica Golomeić, owner of the Ragusa Group.

The Ragusa Group was founded by Mirko Golomeić in 1993. They are pioneers in organizing weddings and celebrations. The group is composed of the restaurants Ragusa 919, Restaurant Park, and Ragusa 360, three modern, unique, and luxuriously decorated event centers, as well as Kinder Park, Ragusa Home, and Mammut.